Blizzard failure

heres an idea how bout blizzard give everyone a free month since we all pay for a month of game time but we never get it because one and most times two or three maintnaces or down loads a week that usually last all day because blizzard cant get there crap together

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I agree. Some ppl can only play at certain times and with every patch or update, Blizzard has to do maintenance for 2 or 3 days afterwords. This is getting to be redundant. As great as they sound and act to be, they should be able to complete this within a hour and at a time when most people are trying to play the game. Maybe something like 2 to 3am in the early morning when the players are mostly sleeping. This is what is driving people from the game, not bringing them to it.

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While we appreciate your dedication to resolving issues, frequent disruptions impact our game time. A gesture like a free month could go a long way in acknowledging player frustrations.

Is that ever the way a maintenance agreement worked?
When you get an oil change - you’re not able to drive your car when it’s in the shop. When the pool is being cleaned, you can’t use the pool. When the road is being repaved, you can’t drive on it. Do you demand a discount or taxes back too?
It’s the same thing with a subscription service. Scheduled downtime (and “emergency” downtime) is even written into the user agreement.
What, you’d rather they didn’t fix bugs or code conflicts, monitor hardware performance, reset server architecture and head off minor issues on a scheduled basis that would eventually bring down the game for even longer? Because you can’t play for one day out of every week?

Correct. The cost of the game, and the EULA for the game, takes into account that it WILL be down for Maint at times (usually Tuesday morning), will rarely have emergency down time, and can be impacted by technology/weather/acts of god type failures. The $14.99/month USD sub price has taken that into consideration since the game released in 2004 and has not changed. This is despite the game having a LOT more uptime than it did in the early years. Most Maint now is a few hours at most, and sometimes there is none at all - just a quick restart. They could have raised prices given there is now more available game time, and there has been inflation, but I am glad they have not.

The OP can try suggesting to Blizzard that they change the WoW Sub price, but that suggestion needs to be provided through the WoW General Discussion forums probably. It has nothing to do with the Desktop App, which this forum is for.

Great points. Completely agree with that