Blizzard Did my account get banned?

Hello Blizz folks,

Recently started playing diablo 2 again. No issues other than the long game wait times and the in game chat. However, starting some time yesterday, I’ve been unable to connect. I don’t use bots or hacks, but I can’t think of any other reason other than being banned. Could someone please check the status of my account?


Hey Dicin1,

It does look like detected a login from a VPN, proxy, or corporate IP address. The IP restriction for that is 2 weeks and we’re not really able to see any more information other than the fact that it is an IP restriction. Apologies for the bad news there. :frowning:

A list of temporary restriction reasons can be found here.

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Jeez two whole weeks? Could you give me an eta so I know exactly when it’s up?

Thanks for the reply though.

That’s junk blizzard these days for ya. Miss the days when it was good.

Hey again,

The restriction started late on the 13th. 2 weeks from then would be Sept 27th. So if you try late again on the 27th or wait until the 28th you should be able to log in again.

Ouch. Thanks for the reply though. I appreciate it.

could i jump in on this and ask if my d2 account has been banned from signing in while using a vpn as well? within the last 48hrs i think…

Yes, looks like the same in your case Hamboycheese. Just happened today, so as long as you don’t continue to try logging in while on the VPN it’ll just be the 2 weeks.

I am also experiencing the same issue, are you able to tell if it’s the same thing ?

Yes, GhostDog. Same issue.

If you find that you’re suddenly unable to connect to there’s a good chance the IP is temporarily restricted.

Some restrictions for minor things (switching characters/accounts too quickly, creating/leaving games too quickly, etc) only last 10-30 minutes. Other restrictions like logging in from a VPN or proxy connection can last for 2 weeks. As long as you don’t continue to try logging in using one of those connections then it won’t extend the duration, and you’d just need to wait it out before you can connect again.

Going to lock this thread since we’re not able to remove these restrictions.

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