Blizzard, can you please fix R'n'R Racing glitches?

First i must let you know i got the PS4 version
Thank you Blizzard for this collection, i love Rock ‘n’ Roll Racing and i play it on a regular basis, i have enjoyed this game more than some current generation racing games, it is vey fun and addicting; nevertheless i have experienced some bugs, i have experience all these glitches while playing 4 Player mode (single player), it is quite possible that these bugs also affect Definitive Edition:

-Blue Mines lying on the ground that suddenly disappear, i have experience this glitch while racing Division B in Drakonis planet tracks
-The song “Radar Love” by Golden Earring is not played when you switch music options to “CHIP”
-Exploding cars that come out of nowhere: when you are leading the race, a car exploding appears of all of a sudden in front of the race leader, it usually happens in the first lap, i have experienced this glitch at least six times while racing Division B in Drakonis, Bogmire and New Mojave tracks, actually it can happen in any planet division
-I was about to play Drakonis Division B and the race track became virtually invisible, i just couldn’t see where i was heading, it was really annoying, it never happened to me before
-Inferno Division B turbo arrows glitch: When racing in Inferno planet tracks (Division B), AI controlled cars are stuck when they are repelled by turbo arrows that push cars backwards, unable to dodge the arrow, AI controlled cars keep on hitting the arrow indefinitely, and AI controlled cars stay there/stuck until the end of the race
It has happened to me a couple of times, i have seen it while playing 4 player mode; this glitch occurs in all the game versions (Definitive Edition, SNES and Genesis versions)
-While racing in Drakonis planet, i was second place in a race and i was after the leader, i had the race leader in front of me and i fired a rogue missile destroying the leader, a few seconds later (three or four seconds later and to my surprise) i saw the car that i just destroyed in front of me (that just can not be possible), racing on fourth place position when he should be behind, out of sight
-Cars in a stationary position, i have run into this bug a couple of times

It seems these bugs occur more often after update/patch 1.02, i never experienced these issues while playing the game’s version 1.01, i am starting to think that update/patch 1.02 broke the game

Those are the issues that i have found while playing the game extensively
If you can provide a solution and fix these bugs, me and the rest of customers will be very grateful

Thanks for your attention and have a good day
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