Blizzard bound mobile phone number region restriction proble

Dear Activision Blizzard.

Hello, I am a gamer who loves Blizzard games. Congratulations to Microsoft for successfully acquiring Activision Blizzard and ushering in a new era of gaming.

I’ve been having a suggestion and I’m wondering if you guys can see it.

I created my Blizzard account in Hong Kong and currently live in Korea. I’ve had my Hong Kong account for a long time and don’t want to change it. And Korea doesn’t allow the account to be transferred over.

I currently only have a Korean mobile phone number and my Hong Kong mobile phone number is deactivated, but my Blizzard Hong Kong account still requires me to bind to my Hong Kong mobile phone number, and I’d love to bind my Korean mobile phone number, but there’s no way to do it. So I came here to plead if the official can help me (or the players) to open the regional restriction of binding mobile phone number, so that my Blizzard account can successfully bind my mobile phone number, it’s really very troublesome that I can’t bind my mobile phone.

Thank you!

  • A player who loves Blizzard games and is willing to pay for them

That is a great idea, i am sure your are not the only one in such a situation