Blizzard Arcade Collection crashes

I can’t play Blizzard Arcade Collection on PC because it crashes immediately after it starts loading.


do you have windows10 last update?

I’ve exact same problem. No one responds. There is no way to find out errors. I can’t even investigate what is causing it.

The same problem. The game crashes immediately after launch, after 1-2 seconds of the introductory video. Windows 10 Pro 20H2, nvidia 461.72

Hello all,

As for responses, the forums are not official contact points with Bliz. For official support you want to use the support ticket system.

For the Arcade Collection, you can start here.

It doesn’t allow me to create Ticket
Endless loop. No actual support or help.
Game isn’t working. I need help I want to play the game I paid for

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Us version crashes after 2 sec
EU version <1 sec
Asia version 19 sec

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c:\Users\<Your PC>\AppData\Roaming\Blizzard Arcade Collection\


my log: FATAL bnet.cpp:705:No valid license found for this account

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same here FATAL bnet.cpp:705:No valid license found for this account


Thanks for reporting these crashes to us! I’ll do my best to help everyone in the thread!

This error suggests that the logged in account does not own the game. Please be sure to login with the account that owns the game, and launch the game using the Desktop Application.

If you check the error log shown in TheDane’s post, does it show any logs? If yes could you copy paste them to us? If it’s a longer log please use three ~ marks above and below the log post so it puts it in a block for us. Makes the forums more readable.

For any PC users please also include a DxDiag for crashing reports! Upload the document to pastebin and let us know the code after the link. For example if the link is we would just need the “abc123” bit there.

Thanks! Looking forward to hearing from you!

Hello, sorry to intrude in this post, lol, i’ve left another one myself and wasn’t replied so i’d type here.

Arcade collection also crashes for me, difference is it doesn’t even Start.

I start from the Launcher -> Play. Opens a new white window, maximizes, then Nothing. It just closes, with no error alerts, no thing.

My error.log is Empty
My DxDiag in Pastebin: T9h9fhbT

I have:

  • I’ve tried leaving a ticket but like other users say, it’s like an endless loop.
  • Restarted my pc
  • Reinstalled the game
  • Restarted after reinstall
  • Updated my graphic drivers ofc
  • Restarted after updating

And i’ve tried to launch the game after each step, same thing.

Thank you.

----------- EDITED------------------

Okay this is fun. A couple of minutes ago i replied here saying Formatting the pc solved it, but No. After i formatted the pc Collection worked well, but as soon as i installed drivers for a cheap “Joystick controller” i have, Collection started crashing once again, the same way, at the start.

Now i Uninstalled the controller for the joystick, and the game Works once again. So… LOL i formatted in vain, it was the cheap Controller’s drivers after all.

I knew Blizzard wouldn’t read this, but for if there’s people with the same problem and came looking for an answer to be ignored, like me back then, you can try that, delete/replace cheap drivers. Buy good hardware.

Just in case it’s useful, my cheap controller is “Knup” brand (unknown, i know) and drivers are “807 Network Joystick(4a12k)3.70a”.


Formatting your pc to get a game to run is nuts. @Blizzard wtf is wrong with you, switch to mobile?

Well, error wasn’t Blizzard’s, as stated above. It was a problem with some cheap gamepads drivers and stuff. Oh, and updating… Somehow, even those cheap gamepads work now, out of nowhere… lol.

Sorry for reviving this old thread, but I’m really puzzled about something. You can download a Blizzard game, and yet not be able to play it? It just strikes me as an odd decision from the company

Friend had the same issue