Blizzard App will not display

I am using Windows 10, and my Blizzard app shows in the taskbar (and I can right-click to open games), but the window itself will not show. I found some old posts where people have similar problems because of multiple monitors (real or virtual), but I only have one monitor and no virtual spaces that I know of. I only have one desktop in the task bar. The Blizzard App only has a blank square for the data (when alt-tabbing, mouse over the task bar, etc.).

Edit: I should add, I have also tried re-installing the app.

Hey, Atuan!

Normally when we see this, it is related to a specific video card driver. Reinstalling the newest one typically addresses the issue.

Please collect a DXDIAG and make a new post here using the Preformatted Text button in the posting options. Just make sure the full DXDIAG contents are between the Preformatted Text tags.

I’ve been having the exact same problem for a while. I’ve also tried re-installing the app. I can use the taskbar icon to open the Blizzard App Settings which works fine and I’ve tried changing the “Use browser hardware acceleration” without success.
My dxdiag pastebin is yprYfyJk
Thanks in advance.

I had been testing this with my second monitor unplugged when I re-installed the app in order to simplify the setup. I just plugged the HDMI cable back in and, as if by magic, I can now see the Blizzard App correctly. It remains visible after unplugging the monitor again. If I completely shut down the app and restart it, it’s no longer visible until I re-plug the HDMI cable.
I hope this helps you fix this bug, as google informs me many people are running into it.