Blizzard App Disconecting constanly

Hay all so my Blizzard PC App keeps on disconnecting and reconnecting, I have done multiple clean installs(as instructed within the forums and or Blizz team) of the app but no joy. And yes my internet is fine as well as my PC is all up to date with its drivers and windows updates.

Just wondering if anyone else has been getting this issue? If so halp plz tnx~


I’m getting this issue as well the app keeps reloading and i cant connect in ow

This started for me too, about 24 hours ago. Both and Win 10 did an update, So I don’t know who the culprit is.

I have a similiar issue. Multiple occurrences of batty-net saying cannot connect - but also when the app is displaying on screen the app continually reloads the home page. Cannot leave the app open as it tries to come to front of screen (over games) when it reloads the home page.