Blizzard App Authenticator and Multiple Accounts

I currently have both of my accounts connected to the old authenticator. The new one that’s being shoved down our collective throats, apparently doesn’t offer multi-account support because Blizzards is demanding a one app to one phone number to on account ratio. This makes it difficult as a father of a child I was teaching to play the game. I have NO need for multiple phone numbers, but it’s awful fun to let him play on my 2nd account while I play on my main account.

So, Blizzard, how am I supposed to manage this? I find it incredibly short-sighted and unfair to force this on us. I realize you probably look to make a ton of money from the extra phone numbers you get and can sell to information brokers, but this is a poor business decision and I’m terribly disappointed in you (again).

Please reconsider and allow some way for a phone number and authenticator to be connected to multiple accounts.

Thank you.