Blizzard Agent causes WMI Provider Host to peg CPU

I’m running the beta Blizzard Desktop App. Once every few days, my computer gets sluggish and loses network connectivity. Each time before restarting, I’d open up Process Explorer, and each time WMI Provider Host has been pegging my CPU.

Today, this happened for a third time. Before restarting, I noticed that nearly a dozen Blizzard Agent processes had been spun up. I ended them, and the issue with WMI Provider Host eating my CPU dissipated immediately.

I’ll check back on this thread in a day or two. Let me know if you need any other info from me.

Hi Jeebus, I’m replying on an old post in case you’re still checking this.
I’ve also had this issue forever with the program. I have a top tier CPU but it still uses 30-70% of my CPU with 20 or so Agent.exe programs running.
I found a bit of a fix:
You can put this in run (Win+R): taskkill /f /im agent.exe to close all of them temporarily. However, this should fix it too:

You can tell to exit when it launches a game and when you close the app.

In the Launcher:
(Blizzard Logo -> Settings)

  • Change “When I Click “X”” from mimimize to tray to exit.
  • Change “When I launch a Game” from keep the app open to exit completly.