Blizzard Agent Asleep


I have physically stopped short of formatting my machine. I have deleted every, and I mean every piece of blizzard code from my machine. this includes all registry entries. it started as a paused for another update, which of course did not exist, on COD season 5 update. Tried recommended fix, broke battlenet with blizzard agent asleep error. Then I tried unistalling, but could not reinstall. I went so far as page 3 on google for fixes, reached out to my gaming community for advice. All to no avail. Between the broken lobby, the massive updates, the direct x errors and all the other items I am really starting to think that I may be over gaming.

Could anyone please provide a fix… That actually works and is confirmed, or at least confirm for me that it is indeed a blizzard server and load issue, so that I can move to other platforms that took network load changes serious and don’t provide me that same issues…

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I had the update issue too, decided to stop it and uninstall the launcher, tried to reinstall the launcher and now i’m stuck on Updating Blizzard Agent. The bar is half way. Will most likely have to wait a few hours cause the servers are under heavy load I guess.

I am stucked on installation of client… “Updating Blizzard Agent” - still waiting and nothing happens. Tried suggestions - still same problem

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exact spot I am on now.

Give it time people. I had to wait more than 4 hours for the installetion to get past “updating blizz agent”.
People say its COD update and people trying to download it. Give it “time”… a week or so :slight_smile:

i am facing heavy load game disconnecting after 6 8 minutes induring gameplay