Blizzard account permanently banned

My entire battle net account has been banned and I have no idea why nor am i able to find out why. When I try to login, all it says is "Your Blizzard Account is banned

When action is taken against an account, an email is sent to the registered email address. Sometimes spam filters can nab it so be sure to check.

If there is no email, you need to submit an appeal ticket. This will accomplish two things. 1) The reply should include the catagory that the ban was applied under (it won’t go into detail). 2) The GM that is assigned to your ticket will review the circumstances and either uphold the ban or reverse it if a mistake was made.

It’s also possible that your account was hacked and closed for safety reasons. If that’s the case, you can submit a hacked account ticket to have it investigated. Be sure to follow the directions on that page to resecure your system.

Hi, i had an blizzard account and i think it was banned maybe 6 months ago, i always try to do things but i cant. when i put the email it says that this email is invalid then i tried to create a new account with the same email and then i could create a new account with the email, can you help me with that? thank u

This also happened to me today. Checked email, spam folder, no email. I have never hacked in any game in my entire life and haven’t even used comms for a while. There really is no explanation other than getting hacked, and I see no evidence for that. At the very least, I should see an email stating the reason for the ban.

Same here, i logged in after a couple months of not playing and now Im account banned with no email telling me why. Nothing, no spam email or anything. This is outrageous abuse of power by Blizzard and battlenet to not inform people as to why they got banned.


i have just had the very same thing i haven’t played for a few months just logged in on pc and my account has been banned across all my platforms Xbox pc and PlayStation i have not received one email regarding it i was about to purchase the up coming modern warfare 2 but at this rate i will not purchase another game from them this is disgusting behaviour not impressed one bit


Exact same thing happened to me today, they do it on purpose to get you to buy another account. Spent a decade buying their games and they treat you like sh1t Don’t worry, they’ll keep losing their players and go under. What do you expect after their workplace was exposed as alcoholic toxic devs

That is stupid how you companies do that, you ban people but not tell the full reason why. Got something to hide?

They dont lift a ban even you played long and spend nor get battle pass. They dont even give a second chance. While some people did use a third party program or spooning when the start of the server. They will ignore your appeal even they put a notice on your account to appeal.

Yea, make one mistake after buying their games for 2.5 decades and bam Ban. They created these problems and take no consideration to circumstances

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How about being banned and not even been given a description of or text of why you have been banned, and the Game Masters refuse to tell you as to why, To me I am sensing someone is corrupt in there

How about not mistepresenting what happened to you in order to support your argument? If your ban was for chat violations, the gMs will give you a sample of what got you banned. If your ban was for cheating or exploiting, then all youll get is a broad category description. No, gms wont give you specifics in that instance so you can run back to the devs of the cheating software and tell them the exact details so they can make changes to stop being detected.