Black screen (started v5)

When I load in war zone or modern warfare I get black screen with just the chat box in the lower right and a grey bar at the top that says started v5 in the left side of that!!! I’ve tried everything!!!Ive uninstalled and reinstalled everything,please help!!!

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Hey, I’m having the same issue. Uninstalled and reinstalled as well. Then I found out all I have to do is hit the ESC key to close that screen and it takes me back to the home screen.

The issue still needs to be resolved, but my workaround is as easy as hitting ESC. Hope that helps.

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Hit escape. No joke, I was freaking out for about 30 minutes and did everything you did. Hit escape when you get to the menu and you see the grey bar

I’m glad I found this, cause this was bugging me out, pun intended :slight_smile:

The same thing happens to me, the same error started v5 will it be a virus or something like that?

I just got this too! pressed esc and im in the loading screen so we good. Maaan for 3060ti and 5600x both OC and i only get 110fps in mw and 100 in wz. Should be gettin 150+