Black screen on Windows 11 Overwatch full screen

I just got a new computer that mind you cost an arm and a leg so now I can play with full ultra quality settings. Only, I came to find out that playing OW on fullscreen on Windows 11 specifically causes my computer to freeze into a black screen whenever I get a system notification, accidentally press screenshot or the windows key. I can still hear the sound of the game until the desktop finally appears again after long seconds.
Going back to the game causes another (shorter) black screen.
I used to play on Windows 7 with a lower quality system overall and never had this issue, I would come back to the desktop immediately.
I have tried to look everywhere and found little to no help. I did try to disable the fullscreen optimisation but it results in my game dropping from 75 to 59 FPS, just like using borderless windowed.
I optimized everything according to NVIDIA’s recommendation and everything is up to date.

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