Black Ops Beta Release

I bought this game and if I can’t play it , I want my money back. it is 10/15/2020


a mi me pasa lo mismo no me deja jugar.

same here, finishd downloading today. the play button its greyd out n says i cant play it until 11/13/2020 because i pre order it.

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same it just gives me 2 error codes and exits the game wtf

Same pre-ordered the game. Cant download the beta anywhere. Talked with support. Told me to log out and log in. Disconnected us from my chat to the tech. You think after spending 60$ someone would help more than “log out and back in”

Good afternoon, I just received the Twitch drop of early access to the call of duty cold war open beta but when I go to the Blizzard desktop app it won’t let me play.


^^^^Im having the exact same issue, my beta wont launch after getting access from a stream, even with everything linked properly


did you end up getting in?

for the twitch drop people… and if so how???


Im in the same boat…really annoying.

I have found that the only fix right now is to change your password and log back in, it is a pain but it is what it is.

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Im unable to play the beta, i get a black loading screen w icon for a while, then a DEV error saying “Unable to connect to host”

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I get the same. Some odd behavior, in loading different screens then an error after a blank screen (for a long time) and unable to connect to host come up. Only option available? Click to return to desktop. This sucks. Radeon 5700, with Radeon 5 3600x…