Bizzard D4 Pre Order, Who do I contact for a Refund

Blizzard, How do I get a refund ? I payed for early access and I honestly don’t believe I will be able to log in before early access is over, let alone actually play it. You have failed to provide me the service you promoted. Please provide me with who to contact for a full refund you can keep the game I will buy something else.
Thank you


They dont do refund dude.
if you bought and recieve it already there is no turning back :joy:

If you read what you paid for its a license for accessing game service, and this is no early access its beta meant to test servers get some feedback etc i dont defend after all those years its been same thing and im currently stuck at 34203 but your lack of common sense had me reply this BS

I cant post link here, but go to youtube and search for: Refund Game on Blizzard/ | Simple guide