Beta survey not working

It says I need to finish a survey to complete beta access registration.

When I try to go to the survey by trying to use the button in the email, it goes to a site that gives me a 404 error.

Is there any other way to access the survey?


I came here for this exact reason, seems like the link they sent was wrong.


Same it’s really annoying I was hyped thinking I got access to the beta


I’m happy to know it’s not just me


Yeah sucks it’s happening tho

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I thought it was just me, really sad :frowning: I hope they resend the proper link and not just send a new wave to different people. That would really suck-

Yeah I’d be really disappointed I’ve been checking my email like every hour sense they been sending out beta access

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Anyone figure something out

I got an email from Blizzard Entertainment, Inc - regarding OW2 beta survey is this legit?