Beta link as a stand alone

The one change that I would like to see is the Beta link brought out of settings, and made as a standalone.

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I completely agree that this would be much better and IMHO, more feedback and bug reports would be generated by the beta testers. Imagine how many folks did not get Shadowlands Beta access when the Beta officially launched but got in on one of many of the wave invites.

I stand to bet that many individuals didn’t check again after not initially being notified of beta on it’s launch and many likely have access to the servers to test and do not even know it!

In times prior before the modern client was even conceived, players who opted in for an expansions beta had to check their e-mails after getting the intel from whichever forum, website, etc., had confirmed that beta wave invites went out via e-mail and if you want to test, one had to open their e-mail… way tough, I know /endsarcasm.

Blizzard is owned by Activision and has been for a while now, as most who will read this have known of since the buy out. Blizzard is still a company, but answer’s to Activision and now is Activision-Blizzard.

I have no opinion on this and I am certainly not trying to start dialogue about what I just mentioned. Simply put my intention is that you and whoever else takes the time to read this understands that’s Blizzard has to capitulate to quite a large extent. Blizzard of course has an autonomous dev team given almost full autonomy by their bosses.

The board looks at dollar signs, quarterly earnings and future earning projections and many more factors and unfortunately forces Blizzard to capitulate to how they see a beta test making the corporation the largest amount of earnings possible through their board member minded theory crafting and sometimes an outright lack of passion for gaming, period.

Capitulation is the word of the day. To restate what I opened with, I totally agree with the OP insofar that it should be e-mail locked before access is given. The automatic download through the BNET client is cool, efficient and for those on the up and up allows testing to begin faster, ergo bug reports and all aspects feedback are given in a more timely manner.

…because Blizzard’s development team is getting faster feedback does not necessarily mean that we’re going to have a better end product with the wow communities Shadowlands overall and total opinion of the quality of gameplay experience.

If you actually read my whole post /Clap and /HatTip to you! I'm interested in what other World of Warcraft veterans thoughts are on this. Let's get some feedback on some of the points that I raised, because in your gut you know the OP is onto something

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