Beta Launcher Improvements

A very simple option to remove all ads and/or news for games a player doesn’t play would be great. The ability to hide games on the game list was a good first step. No follow through, there is so much more that should be optional content on the launcher.

For example I have no interest whatsoever in call of doody (misspelling is intentional, I see the game as crap in a visible spectrum). So removing ALL references to this content would please me.

And to be perfectly honest I would greatly prefer a launcher that let me see 3 things. Wow, D3 and any downloads these games need (or progress of said downloads if already started). Everything else is wasted on me at best and annoying at worst.

I almost turned my client off today when I was greeted with a launcher window ENTIRELY dedicated to call of doody. There was no need for me to see it. I have never played it. I have never had any interest in it. The entire concept of hey let’s play a game where we sit in a lobby doing nothing while we find a bunch of people doing nothing but wait just like you’re doing is asinine in my opinion, and will NEVER earn an interest from me. The concept of playing games where you are expected to be taking dirt naps more than actually playing is also asinine in my opinion, and will never get any interest from me. Both of these things describe call of doody. please for the love of god let me remove all reference to that garbage, it’s insulting to anyone capable of thought (in my opinion). I get that lots of people play it. I do not. I will never.

I also play few blizzard games. Pretty much just WoW and D3 (till D4 launches), and not much D3 for that matter. So advertising for other blizzard titles is almost as annoying. I get activision wants to make money. The way it’s going now though is a near perfect recipe to loose mine.