Bear Tanks in PvP

Dear Blizzard,

Please, for the love of this game, do something about bear tanks in pvp. You cannot have a tank heal as much as their disc priest and out heal an offensive of 6 players, be it while they sit a node for 10min or have 10 stacks from carrying a flag or an orb. Frenzied regen (the spell on its own) and their conduit that procs it whenever they dip below 40% are absolutely insane. Not to mention, the cds on those are very low. Any other tank, including DHs, would get globaled. A guardian druid, on the other hand, comes out nearly unscathed. Furthermore, their immune-to-cc-while-in-bear-form is ludicrous. A good example of bear-tank-brokenness is on Twin Peaks where they can travel form in the water with the flag. Another example is that they can break cc by switching in and out of form. What is this?

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