won't install will not install.
i downloaded a fresh installer i click on on it it goes to the install screen and then i click on my drive to install to and the installer imediately crashes and comes back with

“whoops! looks like something broke. we’ll try to fix it. so please try again later.”

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Hey there Kelrothi,

Thank you for taking the time to report this! Install errors like this one are typically caused by a conflicting third-party program, damaged/corrupted local files, or a problem connecting to the patching server. Try the following steps to narrow this down:

  1. Fully update or temporarily uninstall antivirus programs which may be interfering with your connection to the patching server. If you’d like more information on troubleshooting security applications, click here

  2. Reinstall the Desktop App with these steps:

    Uninstall the Blizzard App (skip Step 6 for now, we will re-install later).

    • Next (before re-installing) let’s delete any, Blizzard, and/or Blizzard Entertainment folders in the Windows temporary file locations below. If you don’t see all 3 folders in each location, that is okay—just delete the folders you have):

    • Press Windows Key + R and type: %LOCALAPPDATA%. Delete any, Blizzard, and/or Blizzard Entertainment folders.
    • Repeat the process for %APPDATA%, %TEMP%, and %PROGRAMDATA%. Delete any, Blizzard, and/or Blizzard Entertainment folders.

    • Finally, re-install the App.

If the error persists, many potential problems related to your installation of Windows can be resolved by creating a new administrator account, logging into it, and testing on the new account.

If the issue is fixed on the new Admin account, this could indicate damaged or missing Windows system files or an issue with how the old user account is configured. This is somewhat common, and the easiest fix is to move any user-specific files that you wish to keep from the old user account to the new admin account. You can also work with Microsoft’s Support to troubleshoot the problem with the old account if preferred.

If the problem continues, temporarily test a different network such as a mobile hotspot to determine whether the problem is isolated to your current network.

Hopefully, one of these steps will do the trick. Please let us know if you have any questions or run into additional issues.

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