won't allow me to authorize apps does not allow me to give authorization to applications like Discord, NVIDIA, or others, every time I try this message appears:

" Permission Required

!Please Try Again Later
Your preference setting for sharing game data and profile information for this Account is still being processed. If you want to grant “DISCORD” access to information about your Account, please try again later.

Go to Account Management"

I’ve been trying for hours, and when trying to enter the “Account Management”, the error 404 appears.

I found that i must activate " Game Data And Profile Privacy" to give authorization but this is already activated.

What can I do about it? I don’t know what to do, i already issued a report, but maybe someone here knows what’s going on, Thanks a lot.

Same thing happens to me with Nvidia bundle. Still don’t know what to do after contacting both sides. They didn’t give any meaningful info.

I would just send information back to the company in a box with a subpoena for a court case attached for a breach of privacy laws, because they shouldn’t be able to block anything you are using on a personal device that doesn’t have anything to do with the function itself.