Battlenet went to sleep

The past 1½ 2 weeks my battlenet have said " blizzard agent went to sleep. Attempting to wake it up… How the hell havent this been fixed yet?? I have to go to all my cache folders that has blizzard or battlenet in the name, delete them and then it works… But when you delete those caches you cant UPDATE the games. So now i sit here, wanting to play wow, but every single time i go in EVERY server is incompatible because i run the wrong version of the game. PLEASE does some1 have a fix from this, because i am very close to boycutting this damn bad launcher

Don’t have much to add besides that I’ve had the same issue. Can’t play the D3 season because can’t update anything, and can’t play WoW as of today because an update evidently went live.

Deleting everything related to the launcher gets rid of the Blizzard Agent sleeping bit, but any attempt to update or install a game simply results in a gray “Waiting…” bar for hours.