Voice Chat Mac no audio stream Voice Chat on four different Macs (2x Macmini9,1 MacPro6,1, Mac14,2 M2 Macbook Air running 13.4 Ventura) gets no audio stream showing in the Settings>Voice Chat>Test Microphone. No communication of audio despite making a connection in Voice Chat. The audio stream does show in the graphic in System Preferences>Audio - Input> with an adjustment slider. My only success was getting audio from a friend in Colorado Springs on a Windows box in Voice Chat. Huge matrix test: four different microphones and digitizers on four different computers (12 paths and tried most) with multiple pairings going back and forth (open mic - phone playing music aimed at microphone - shows in Mac System). Worked for FaceTime. Audio not getting into []( app. Microphones don’t make a difference but are: MXL 991 XLR condenser microphone that feeds into a Xenyx Q802USB mixer and via USB into a hub and into the Pro’s USB bank of ports. The Minis get a Cubilux SL35-1 3.5mm Stereo Lavalier Microphone into a Cubilux USB-C to TRS Microphone & Headphone Jack Splitter digitizer or a Lokuka LC4-TC352FFL-30G(US). Laptop has Apple built-in mic and camera.

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