Update Loop

hello guys im stuck in a update loop.

Tried to run the game as admin
Compatibility mode

but the game wont get me past update what do I have to do, should we wait blizzard to fix or should I refund?

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I understand the frustration with the update loop in your game. Despite trying common troubleshooting steps like running as an administrator and compatibility mode, the issue persists. Before deciding on a refund or waiting for Blizzard, ensure your operating system and drivers are up-to-date, and check your internet connection. If the problem persists, contact Blizzard support for potential solutions. It’s worthwhile exploring various avenues before deciding on a refund, as these issues can often be resolved with persistence.

I agree with JamesAvery.

It’s a new launch so there are bound to be snags, especially with games that are very old.

Bliz is aware of some of the issues that are surfacing and are working to smooth them out. They are also watching for any others that pop up as well.

Same here, ping me when we’re ready to play the game

All the other multiplayer modes are unacessible as well such TCP/IP after you click the option it says that unable to initiate connection the menu go very glitchy forcing you to alt F4

Hey folks,

Just to clarify, this is a generic discussion forum. No Tech Support Agents man this forum.

For those having technical issues with Diablo 1, you’ll want to either

  1. Post in the Legacy Games Technical Support forum, or
  2. Submit a Technical Support Ticket for 1-on-1 assistance.