SSL/TLS Issues

I recently installed App on my desktop (Win 11 Pro). I also have a few IIS websites running on it. I had adjusted the Protocols/Ciphers/Hashes/Key Exchanges settings (w/ Qualys SSL Labs IISCrypto) to disable insecure or weak settings. This had the side effect of preventing the app from connecting to the server. I played around with the settings to realize a few things about the servers. They do support either TLS 1.2 or 1.3, but they seem to be ONLY supporting the hash algorithm SHA-1 and/or weak ciphers based around that and TLS_RSA key exchange. I would like to suggest changing the settings to support more than SHA-1 and the weak ciphers. Leaving the old ones on for backwards compatible with older machines. (I hear you still support Windows 7 machines, which Windows 7 is 1 year (01/14/2020) past end of life.) This way security minded people like me can disable the weak/insecure ciphers and hashes and still connect to the servers and play the games. The only reason not to would be if these ciphers are coded into the app instead of handing them over to operating system, which is bad programming practices.