shows friends in wrong status + away duration

My desktop client has been displaying the wrong status for some of the users on my friend list. I’ve tried reinstalling it to no avail.

Examples include:

  1. Friend away for 6 hours when he’s only idled for 10 minutes. He comes back and it switches to Online, but the next time he idles, the duration reverts to 6 hours (and accumulates).
  2. Friend is offline but shows as away on mobile.
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This is a known bug. You can get a better idea of actual status if you open a chat window with them, and idle time etc will show at the top.

I do not see the idle time even when I open a chat window with the affected user. Is there a more reliable method of figuring out the real idle time?

The idle time only shows in the chat window if they’re away on PC. If they’re away on mobile it doesn’t show anything for me.

What about this one, is there a way to see the accurate away time instead of the currently bugged one?

No idea. :woman_shrugging: