Setup won't open

I was in the proccess of downloading an update for Modern Warefare and suddenly halfway through it just stopped and woudn’t resume, so i deleted the app. But when i wanted to redownload it the setup doesn’t want to open.
I followed this list from another post but it still won’t work

  1. Uninstall the Blizzard app
  2. Next press Windows Key + R and open these locations. Delete any Battlenet and Blizzard folders you see in each location.:
    • %APPDATA%
    • %TEMP%

Any help would be appreciated

Hey lockdown,

Are you running the Blizzard app installer as Admin? If so, there may be another program like security software or an antivirus program that may be blocking the install. Try disabling everything else and temporarily uninstall security software. You can always reinstall that software again afterwards.

I tried anything and still cant open battle net. Pleas make something with this.

Mine will not go passed the setup window. when I click install it just sits there. No signs of loading whatsoever

please help

mine will not download past 61%