says i don't own Cold War? (But i do)

So i had to re-install windows because my windows had alot of faulty things in it and now it is working just fine, but i downloaded again and it only says i own Warzone, while i own Black ops Cold war. Yesterday i was still playing zombies in cold war. (I actually took pictures of my screen of that could count as proof, but i took them because my performance was bad to show friends my gpu and cpu usage. all that was because of my faulty windows).

How can i get my black ops cold war back?? i bought it! it cost me 60 and i want to play it.

With kind regards, Wolf.


It looks like you logged into the wrong account. The vast majority of cases I see where a game license suddenly goes missing is that the account you’re on is incorrect, and I see that you have no orders with us.

Try logging in with different email addresses you might have used in the past. If you can’t remember the log in you can try contacting us and we’ll see if we can help you find it.

For security reasons, we can’t help you recover an account on the forums.