Battlenet says "Account banned" COD CW Activisionsays no ban

I am posting here as I have tried all other options available to me

I downloaded and Launched Call of Duty Cold War, where I then idled so that the game can install shaders and what have you.

When I returned, the game and Battle net both say that my Account has been banned outright.

Since then I have tried to diagnose why I was banned and have since visited the Activision Support website, as I am aware that Bans are handled by them and as such Blizzard wouldn’t be able to do much if anything at all to help me at all.

However, when I signed in to Activision and went to appeal the ban, (which to my knowledge is the only way to lodge a ticket with them at all, since they also do not have a phone line to call) I cannot appeal a ban, as according to the website I have no standing bans at all.

I have checked 19 times thus far, as well as that this is the Activision account signed in for my blizzard account.

I am at a loss on what to do or who to contact, as Activision won’t let me appeal a ban that does not exist, and tells me my account is banned, much as the game tells me the same when I launch the game, which confuses me, as surely if the game is also telling me I am banned, then I would be able to submit a ticket to Activision for review?
( Which by the way is the only way on Activision Support to submit a ticket / talk to a human)

I tried submitting a ticket to Blizzard support a few days ago outlining exactly this, and the response I was received was link to Activision Support, which I had already stated is a dead end.

If anyone has had a similar thing happen, to the same game or not, and had it resolved, I’d be appreciative for a response, even if it is to confirm the game I had bought and played a year ago is now useless haha.

If it also helps, I can provide screen shots of the things I am describing.

Ive also having the same issue battletnet customer service is completely useless no way to reply either to them either, just contact activision and ticket closed.ive contacted activision and the fault lies in the battlenet launcher


Some one figured this out?

-hacked steam account linked my profile
-activision baned me
-opened ticket and activision unbaned me
-battlenet still says banned account

Cant even chat with activision no more because NO bans, blizzard dont want to do anything about this and says that im crossed rules. This company need a lawsuit