pop ups

stop putting pop ups blocking the literal only use for this stupid launcher, launching games.

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Agreed. I’m getting sick and tired of getting popups for updates to Blizzard games and products every single time I open the app.

I just want to click play on my game, I don’t care about notifications about other games or patches etc.

There is currently no way to turn them off and they’re so annoying, like mobile ad game garbage shoved in my face.

Either stop forcing your ads on me in the launcher or give me an option to turn them off/never show again.

If I care about another game or product I’ll look it up myself. I don’t need to see that “Diablo Immoral” recently had an update and I should go see it and spend money in it or that WoW had a patch that added a battlegrounds mode. I just don’t care so stop forcing everything in my face.