not working with VPN

I have been trying to play Call of Duty Cold War that I purchased last night. After many hours of getting error “Negative 345 Blazing Gator” and all manner of troubleshooting I determined Activision’s servers do not want to play nice with my internet/modem, whatever.

I ended up getting a VPN (Bitdefender) and now whenever I enable my VPN it disconnects from, crashes the app and disconnects any games launched through However, without the VPN on I continuously get the unable to connect error through Call of Duty.

I know there is nothing Blizzard can do about Call of Duty but I was wondering if there were any potential fixes for the VPN/ interaction as this seems wild that would not work with a VPN.

I have checked other gaming apps on my computer (Steam/Epic) and both work just fine with the VPN enabled, it is only that does not work.


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Hey there!

I am sorry to hear about the unexpected trouble connecting to Call of Duty on your normal home network. If the Desktop App only disconnects when enabling the VPN, I recommend enabling the VPN prior to launching the App.

While I’m happy to hear that using a VPN has managed to allow you to play, using a VPN should not be considered a “solution”, but only a workaround to some underlying issue preventing the connection on your normal network. If you can’t connect only when using your normal network, this indicates that something specific to your network settings is causing the issue. While you can reset your modem to factory defaults to resolve many settings-related issues on the network level, ultimately we can only recommend contacting your ISP so that they can troubleshoot things further.

I hope this helps! Let us know if you have any questions going forward.

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So the enabling the VPN prior to launching the app makes it so the app in unable to launch. Well I guess it is able to launch, the .exe pulls up in task manager but the actual app never pulls up in any visual sense. Even after killing it through task manager and trying to relaunch.

I am unable to play the game because you need to be connected to services to play and enabling my VPN disconnects me from all / Blizzard services.

I know using a VPN is a temporary issue but I was trying to pinpoint the issue with Call of Duty Cold War and was told that it is an incredibly common bug that users with a Motorola modem are unable to connect to Activision’s servers and that using a VPN would allow you to get around that issue. I know there is nothing Blizzard can really do about that so I am more just asking about how to get to work with a VPN. It seems from other support posts that is has something to do with the VPN routing the traffic incorrectly?



I agree here. When you close the launcher and try to reboot the launcher with the VPN turned on it acts as if a connection cannot be made to authenticate your library. Is this on purpose? I really hope this isn’t some form on internet censorship.


I’m having a similar problem. I haven’t launched or WoW in about two months.

I wasn’t able to log in without using a VPN. I could log in to the website but not the application nor games.

At the time of this writing, I’m having trouble connecting to any VPNs. Riseup, AirVPN via their Eddie-UI application and OpenVPN with windoze 7.

(I know… bad but, win10 can go eat a bag of bad clams. I tried hard to use it, disabled all the spyware and as much bloat as I could. Kept getting random reboots and BSODs in the middle of things. Comparatively, zero issues with Ubuntu GNU/Linux. WoW, D3, and HS are all I use “Gaming OS 7” for.)

Tried adding rules to the firewall for every related .exe I could find. The rest of the Internet is reachable. What else can I do?

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Well it seems VPN’s are just banned on so if you’re getting a DDoX you’re screwed.


Any luck finding out the problem?

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i have had issues with nord vpn connecting properly with battlenet but i now i use pia vpn and no more issues, maybe this helps some one

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its very annoying as I only want Chrome to use the VPN… but for some reason I have problems with other applications

BitDefender VPN has a feature called Split Tunneling. Enable that and add the and Launcher.exe to the list of applications that will bypass the VPN. All other traffic will stay anonymized, but it will allow the launcher app to connect. It should still anonymize CoD.