Mobile App Issues

Hello. I’m having issues with the app. I’m using the app on an iPhone XS Max iOS 14.1 and I have the latest version of the app 1.7.0. I initially opened a ticket, but was told that support is “not able to assist with bugs”. They subsequently directed me here.

The first issue is when trying to type messages, text will not paste from other apps. If I copy and paste from within the app it works fine. But if I try to copy text from another app and then paste it in the app it doesn’t work. I get the clipboard notification that it copied, but nothing does. I have no problem copying and pasting in or between any other app.

The second issue is with notifications. I have them enabled in the app, like for when I receive a new message, but I never receive any. I’ve looked at my iPhone under Settings, Notifications, but the app isn’t even listed. Is there a way to add the app? Do I need to reinstall the app? If so, will I lose all my saved data like previous messages?

Any assistance in resolving these issues will be greatly appreciated. Thank you.