Mobile App is not the Authenticator?

After spending two days trying to figure out the Still Connecting… issue, I’m finally on the Mobile App, trying to set up an authenticator that was removed from my account because I stepped away for over a year.

Under Security Checkup, I’m currently at 67% completion. My email is verified and my phone number is verified. All I need to do is Attach the Authenticator. So, I click that little blue link and it wants me to download the app that I’m currently using!

How do I put an authenticator on this account? I can click on “Link it to this Account” but I do not have an authenticator app anymore.

Why is SMS not good enough? Every major corporation in this world which has an online presence uses SMS for two-factor authentication. Catch up with the times, Blizz!

*Edit… I exited the app for a moment to look at something else. When I tried to go back, the Still Connecting… issue has returned. I’m done!