Battle.Net Mobile App - App store Serbia


I have received a message from Authenticator that it is moving to Mobile App, when I click on the “Take me there” button inside of application it takes me to App Store (I am using iPhone) and it says “App Not Available, The app is currently not available in your country or region”.

I opened ticked to ask about a problem, and I got the following answer:

“Serbia is a supported region for all the data I can see. It’s supported by us and Apple. I would recommend to ensure your Apple account itself is set to Serbia. If the Apple account’s location is setup correctly please take a moment to post about this issue on our forums”

I checked if the Store and or Account country is set to Serbia, and it is. At the moment on Apple store I can see the following applications from Blizzard Entertainment:

  • Battle.Net Authenticator (I am using it)
  • WoW companion
  • Diablo Immortal
  • Hearthstone

There is no or Mobile apps available.

Have a question about for how long will I be able to use Authenticator app before it is shut down, and when will Mobile app be available in Serbia? Will I be forced to remove authenticator? Don’t want to loose access to my account.

Thank you for your time.

Best regards.

Hi. Have you received a reply yet? I’m having the same issue, also from Serbia.
I can’t seem to download it as it’s unavailable :confused:
This is very unfortunate. Don’t want to disconnect it and jeopardize the security of my account, lose bag slots and the pet.

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no they have not contacted me yet or gave any new information.

Still waiting.

Edit 11.07.2023.:

Just checked the Serbian App store and it is there!

Thank you so much for help!

Best regards!