loginscreen security issue, Looks active while not selected


When battlenet is launched and it loads login screen, flashing cursor will be shown on password field even if window is not selected.

Cursor is properly not shown on inactive text field if one activates battlenet client window and then activates some other window. However it always initially shows blinking cursor no matter if it is active or not.

This results in windown looking very much active and resulting in risk of writing password to some other application.
Considering nature of battlenet as game launcher that other application has quite high chance of being some communication software.

I have seen multiple instances of other people writing their bnet password into discord window… sometimes after they ask if people are joining them in playing one of blizzard games.

I believe fixing this might actually result in tiny but valuable drop in account hijackings.

Thank you for your time. :slight_smile:

I agree with this. This is shoddy programming. As a retired software engineer this irks me every time I see the login screen. Blizz, this is an easy fix!

Same here, still not resolved it seems…

This deserves more attention. This is very important for login screens.