Launcher Crashing on Startup


Recently (starting today) the Launcher started crashing every time I tried opening it. Yesterday it worked fine. Is there any fix for this? I already tried using the “–disable gpu” command and running the app as an administrator. Thank you very much.

The code I get when trying to start the program is 186E166A-B2BE-41BC-88B6-33AABE884A0E.

I went into Windows’ “Graphics Settings” and changed the settings for both and Battle.netLauncher.exe so that the apps use the integrated video card, rather than the dedicated AMD one. That fixed my issue. I hope this helps other people who have the same problem.

Hey, s4nkai! Thank you for the update and glad to hear that the issue was fixed!

There were some issues with some of the AMD Adrenalin drivers causing the Error#1 crash with the Blizzard Application. It looks like this is exactly the problem you were running into. Usually, a driver rollback to 19.11.2 will help in situations without an integrated card, but if available the integrated graphics workaround is much better! Thanks for sharing :slight_smile: