Battle.Net is not responding. Please try connecting again in a few minutes

I have been doing Baalruns with friends yesterday (14.07.2020).
Most of the time I have been joining games. It was all fine until today morning, since when I can’t login at all.

“Battle.Net is not responding. Please try connecting again in a few minutes.”

This persists even now. What exactly is going on?
From what I have read is that you’re trying to get the Bots restricted.
And from what friends tell me is that it lasts 72h.
Now that’s an arbitrary system right there.

Your system is hitting TONS of legit players, who are trying to have a good time. WHY am I hit by your system? Only I play on my IP.
I never use/used any VPN. I just do Baalruns with friends, Baalruns!
We did around 250 legit Baalruns yesterday.

Just why can’t you guys figure out that tempbanning isn’t going to solve but create new problems with your player/fanbase? ? ?

Instead of tempbanning legit players, you should practice some respect towards us. There’s an easy way to fix this problem:
Implement new options in the Create/Join Menu !
-add a counter for created and joined games (when the hourly limit (20joins / 8creates) is reached, do NOT tempban us, but instead just postpone joining/creating with a simple timer)
-that timer can also solve the issues happening when switching chars
-add the option to disable PVP to finally end the horrible cheating PK-harassing in public hardcore games

If you’re banning a player that plays the game as it is, then you should just refund us and we’ll never see each other again. That’s all I have to say to you, Blizzard.


I am with you on this.

Blizzard, I would nicely ask you to fix this NOW. I am a player since your game came out year 2000. I have several items from old days that I use to play traditionally and I have been keeping them since then, now over more than 18 years.

Your solution to get botters is getting way out of hand. Banning people like me and Jul for no reason what so ever. We and for sure the botters are those who pay for keys to keep the game alive constantly trying to find the perfect item.

You have created a game, a genre, a piece of virtual/digital history that prevails and still people keep playing and paying for it because of its uniqueness.

I am about to lose many of my old characters that are more than 18 years old with items that I have managed to find and farm on my own. I have tried to login now for A WHOLE MONTH! Without been able to find a solution to this. Of the few keys I have, I have tried them all. All the solutions available as well. Network, app and operating system level as well. None is working.

I mean you MUST SOLVE this problem now. It can be like this. Temp banning normal players like us for no reason. Botters will always be there and they for sure create ROI for your company after every ladder reset BUT do not target US normal players because of that. Because this prevention is NOW OUT OF CONTROL!

And as I wrote, I am about to loose my characters that are over 18 years old. I am a Diablo collector as well so this situation really does not make me think you are supporting your fans who have been there since the beginning.

Please fix this problem ASAP. I don’t want to lose my 20 years chars and items.

If you have a dynamic ip you can renew it. after you reinstall the game with a new cd key. it seems to be the only way to get past these ridiculous obstacles. let’s hope most people have a dynamic ip and not a static ip or i’m afraid you are sol. ive been playing since diablo 1 as well. i think they are pressuring players to quit unfortunately. i have lost 08 items due to this bs. i see lots of players being banned for vpn or business network etc. i think most players are tired of realm down and are looking for solutions to get back into there games when they are drop transferring etc. we as the players make this game still active and alive. if it wasn’t for us there wouldn’t be future possibilities in diablo 4. there is no live chat support or telephone support. only to wait for are impending doom to hopefully get an online support person to reply to anything or fix anything. ive had to restart this game so many times losing multiple accounts full of items i cherish and have taken me hours to obtain. so Yea blizzard we are tired of taking ur crap. it’s time we fight back and show we do as the players have rights!

I’m bringing this topic up again, because - you have guessed it! - I am in a queue of 222k for doing LEGIT BAALRUNS!

Friends told me that would be a 72h temp ban, maybe a week.
Dear Blizzard, here is my statement: Your system is UNFAIR, BROKEN and FRUSTRATING
for legit players.

I want to do legit runs with my team and for this I am getting temp banned.
If Blizzard does not remove this broken system, then I want my refunds.

If you’re getting temp restricted for joining your teams Baal runs, then you are likely leaving and joining the next games too quickly. Try waiting at least 5 seconds between leaving the last game and joining the next game.

If you are creating these Baal run games and your team is able to complete each run in less than 3 minutes on average, you’re going to eventually run into the max game creation limit of 20 games per hour. The 21st game created within the hour will result in a temporary restriction. The solution is to either slow down a bit, or rotate the game creation task with your team mates. The 5 second wait rule also applies between leaving the last game and creating the next game.

The restrictions are automatic and were put in place to maintain server stability. Knowledge of what causes the restrictions is key to avoiding them.

We just did 183 Baalruns and I am again flagged with a 72hour restriction.
We did 3:30 - 4min runs, slow and steady with at least 5sec in between the games.

Now tell me is there any reason why I should wait 72h?
I am seriously disappointed in this system. My friends are annoyed by this, too.

In addition to the hourly max game creation limit, there is also a limit on how many games one can create in a 12 hour period.

Max game creation limits:
20 created games an hour. (3 minute games)
100 created games in 12 hours. (7 minute 12 second games)

If you’re playing with your friend for that long, alternate between who starts the next game. Alternatively, you can add more areas besides just Baal to your runs to increase the average game duration. Other than that, make sure to wait a few seconds on each screen when leaving the game, then creating the next game to avoid being restricted for performing actions too fast.

Again, the restrictions were put in place to keep the server stable. Knowing what triggers these automatic restrictions is key to avoiding them.

I hope this information helps.

Is creating 100 games per 12hours limited to an IP?
Or is it limited to a char or an account?

This information is critical.

The game creation limits are based upon the game keys used.

Then how come my other 3 game keys can’t be used to join games while I have this 72h restriction? All 4 game keys are flagged, even though only one of them has been used to create games.

This system is NUTS.

Hmm, it may also be IP based then. Oops. You can try resetting your ISP modem to see if you can renew your public IP address. Google “what is my ip” to get your public IP address.

Add more areas to your run to lengthen the game duration. That’s all I can recommend.

Yes the restriction system is annoying, but keep in mind the original platform is old, fragile and easily overwhelmed. Bots and other abusers of the original platform are the primary reasons why these restrictions are in place.

This shouldn’t be an issue in Diablo 2:Resurrected since it will be on the modern platform.

I will finish my last 99 in HC.
Then I will quit for good.
BNET is not fit to be called a platform.