Battle.Net Is Down For Warcraft 2 GOG

Dear Blizzard, dear GoG,

currently, Battle.Net is down. Therefore we cannot play Warcraft 2 in multiplayer. Yesterday evening it was working just fine.
It says: “Verifying CD-Key” and is stuck there for about 2 minutes until it says: “Battle.Net not responding”.

Please, restart Battle.Net, so our community can play the game we love again.

Kind regards,


I do have the same problem. It stuck on the key verify and quits after 2 minutes.

Issue was fixed after 6 days of downtime. And we never got any answer from Blizzard as to what happened.
Latest theory is an intern needed the power plug for recharging his smartphone but he went off during the weekend and forgot to plug back in the auth server’s rasberry pie.

Only after 6 days he realized it and though maybe he d just plug it back it and no one would notice.