is a terrible experiance

I Do understand what we are going through globally but what a terrible experience is. Downloads are slow patching doesn’t work, want to download at night in Europe no chance your stuck on 0KB/s. My COD loaded up then black screened, restarted my pc wouldn’t launch tried to repair the game for the second day in a row and gets stuck not even a quarter of the way. Now being force to download 200GB. I dont think there is anyone working on their servers not that they care since they already have all of our money. Shocking to say the least something has to get done about it.


Hola, a mi me esta pasando algo similar, hace 1 semana que se actualizo y no pude volver a entrar al juego, probe miles de maneras diferentes de entrar y nada, me canse de buscar posibles soluciones en internet, las que fueron en vano. No recibo respuesta de Blizzard y mucho menos Activision :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: y pensar que estaba por comprar el juego ese dia que comenzo todo esto…