iOS missing notifications

Hi Blizzard,
I’d like to report you that your app is not showing in the list in Settings -> Notifactions -> ( as it should be there to control notifications on iOS on banners, lock screen etc. Even in Settings ->, where iOS users can manage more things for the app like using cellular data, language, siri etc. there should be notification section aswell.
Using latest iOS version and version of your app to this current date.

It’s frustrating when you want to receive notifications from your chat on your phone, you simple dont receive any.

Yours sincerely


I have this issue too.

I have the same issue as well - I have redownloaded the app and push notifications are enabled on both my iPhone notification settings and my app notification settings, but nothing has fixed this issue :frowning:

Same thing here , none of the suggested fixes have worked. I used to get notifications to messages…so I know it worked at some point… c’mon blizz

same for me. somehow ios ignores the app.

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This is still an active issue.
Blizzard, please respond!

Having this issue as well. App does not appear on the settings —> notifications list and not getting any notifications or app badges appearing to let me know I have a message.

So i see where on the page we enable notifications and such but when we do it this way u go into ios phones. Ur setting n all u dont see notifications on there like you do for the WoW app. Please fix blizz

I have same issue still.
iOS 14.7.1, app v1.16.0 (5588)

I have same issue still.
iOS 14.7.1, app v1.16.0 (5588)

Found this setting but is already “enable”

communication-preferences Push Notifications

Why is this still not 100% fixed. Should also work for Lounges, please.

The feature has never worked reliably for me. If I leave the app in the foreground I will get push notifications. As soon as I minimize it or use a different app they stop working. Anytime I switch back to the app it says reconnecting, and I wonder if that’s part of the problem.

Well, it did reconnect in the past before it permanently went to the ‘line’s full’ error message. But that’s a different issue.

Have this issue, 30 years later.

Same here. Also having this issue.

Yep still a problem. Good job blizzavision.

This is still an active issue.
Blizzard, please respond!