feels slow and sluggish

I’ve recently noticed that is performing slow and sluggish. Not sure if it’s a known problem and/or something unique with me, however I haven’t had this issue up until a few weeks ago.

Some comments:

  • After logging in, it takes a about 6-8 seconds before I’m able to click anything
  • Cancelling out of Create Game (back to lobby), it’s about 10 seconds before the channel shows any chat
  • Returning from a game back to the channel, it’s about 10-12 seconds before I can click the friends tab. This is very annoying when I’m trying to rejoin a game with friends
  • I have no issues with lag/slowness while in game. It is only navigating the interface

Device: 2019 Macbook Air with 8gb of RAM

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I have the same problem.

I don’t know if it’s the same issue, but I’ve had enough server disconnects to get a warning from Blizzard (US-Australian Overwatch2 servers). It would be great to know if there are server issues or it’s a connection problem (with TPG in my case). As above, I’ve experienced no lag in game except for the actual drop-outs.

Tech support, it’d be great if you can give some insight as to what is going on or give some suggestions at what to do.

Hope you can understand how frustrating this is… waiting like 30 seconds after a single click to get a response back from the interface.