does not work without VPN

Hi, I tried opening my launcher yesterday, and for some reason, it completely crashed my internet until I closed it. I thought this was odd, so I did some research and found that it may have to do with a VPN issue? The crash happens when I’m not connected to my VPN, but as soon as I connect to it, I can connect to the launcher perfectly. Anyone know how to fix this? Ive tried flushing my DNS and uninstalling the VPN, also uninstalling/reinstalling launcher and deleting every file related to but still no avail.

Hey, PimplePlushy! Does restarting or the flush DNS the computer help reconnect to the internet? If so, this is typically caused by issues with the bandwidth on the system or home network. If too many users are on, this can impact the connection as well.

Try resetting the home network devices. If the Flush DNS works too, trying a different DNS service may work around this issue as well. This step is not supported, but Google DNS or Cloudflare DNS may be some options to look into. The VPN typically changes the DNS service, instead of using the provider’s DNS.

Outside of this, it’s worth checking if any mitigation/prioritization settings are enabled on the home network. The settings are typically called QoS (Quality of Service), WMM (Wireless Multimedia), or UPnP (Universal plug and play). Disable these settings if any are present and enabled. Please contact the router manufacturer or the internet provider if assistance is needed.