Battle.Net does not accept Cricket Mobile Phone Numbers?

I am among, what seems like, several others who are unable to register a phone number with my Battle.Net account. It is NOT a prepaid phone/phone number. It is a number I’ve had for over 15 years. This number was established in the US and has a US area code associated with it. It’s a number currently under a Cricket Wireless family plan. This seems as if it’s an issue between Blizzard and Cricket. Can we get any sort of confirmation about this? Do I need to open a Blizzard support ticket for this issue? Is this an issue that can be fixed or are we Cricket users just plum out of luck?

Addendum: I have verified that my phone number is NOT associated with another (secondary) blizzard account. I have NEVER assigned my phone number with any blizzard account ever.

I also have a Google voice phone number, but this number also receives the “Invalid Number” error upon entering. This doesn’t surprise me, as I can see how this probably falls under something more of a VoIP number. But just for clarity, I’ve tried the 'ol Google phone number thing as well.

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Same problem here. I opened a support ticket a couple days ago and the answer is basically we’re screwed unless we somehow use a mobile number other than Cricket. They said Cricket’s numbers are registered as pre-paid numbers even though they aren’t. I’m sure Blizzard could make an exception for Crickets block of numbers, but sounds like they don’t want to. If enough people open tickets, maybe they will.

Thank you so very much for contacting us regarding this situation. It is an issue we are aware of at the moment.

So you wanted to link a Cricket mobile number into your account.
The things is , apparently, Cricket mobile numbers aren’t usable in this situation, as they have never worked with our SMS system as their block of numbers are registered as prepaid numbers.

The only solution is to link a different phone number, one that is not pre-paid nor has anything related to Cricket( different operator).
Here is a link with an article explaining this situation :

I hope i was able to enlighten you in this regard. The solution would be to get a different mobile number. We here at Costumer support cannot bypass this.


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Thank you for replying and telling your story. I’m going to rephrase - make a new feedback post now that we know that this is a blizzard problem and something that they have to change. Recommending the customer to buy a new phone through a different network shouldn’t be a solution that they’re ok with giving.


Blizzard says that prepaid numbers are not accepted. Now, where are you going to find a company selling a non-prepaid phone plan? Well in 2020 all major competitive company’s have switched to prepaid. Yes you heard that correctly, companies like AT&T and Verizon dropped their contracts in favor of prepaid plans. Which would technically mean no phone number works now because everyone switched to prepaid. Smart move Blizzard.


Same exact problem here. Cricket number. Registered to US. No hyphens etc. Very frustrating and the rote copy & paste reply from Blizzard is pathetic.

I chatted live with Blizzard about this problem and they act like it’s Cricket’s fault. And now that I’ve let Cricket know of the problem, they blame Blizzard. Seeing as how my phone number works for literally any other site on the planet, I have to go with “it’s a Blizzard problem.”

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