Battle.Net Desktop App problems

Cannot Install App on Windows 10: I have tried running as administrator, deleting tools files, attempting to install off a hotspot, tried installing with and without security programs running, scanned for any viruses or malware and nothing happens. I have tried scannning and repairing windows and still no results. At the start, attempted to update but got stuck in a continuous loop, so I uninstalled it and attempted to reinstall to try and fix the update issue, now I can no longer use on my desktop as it fails to even attempt an install, yet works perfectly fine on my laptop running on the same internet connection and network. I have tried all of the “Blizzard support suggestions” and they have all yielded zero results and I cannot find a way to fix this.


yeah man ive been having the same problems trying everything and still nothing helped. i cant install the app or anything when i did have the app install i couldnt even download anything it was running at 10kbps which is just dog$hit but ik my speeds are definitely not bad their app and servers just suck

Have you tried uninstalling and removing registry keys manually as they seem to get left over from the uninstall.
Found them in HKLMcurrentuser and HKLM

Been trying to solve an odd issue with the new desktop app where the news page always shows ’ an error occured’ but it only does it on one account, and no matter what it wont let me save the user credentials (always greyed out)

Reinstalled multiple times deleted all the hidden folders in
%appdata%, %localappdata%, %programdata%, %temp and even the registry keys that dont seem to be removed on uninstall.