Battlenet demands 'Secondary Logon' service be active


Why does Blizzards Battlenet application demand the ‘Secondary Logon’ service be active?

This is a security risk as spyware/malware can easily filter through a non admin permission account.

I haven’t used Battlenet or played any Blizzard games since 2016, I only have Diablo3 and that application did not demand that the service be active so something has changed since then.

Thankyou for your time and hope to speak soon.


I agree for the past few years I’ve felt like people in-game are reading information from my account they shouldn’t have access to and are commenting in-game about it just to drive me nuts. Obviously Blizz or third party app type people connected to blizzard are abusing their privileges! Also, Blizzards’ “Trusted” Certificate is set to enabled ALL actions when it is installed through Battlenet. I have the box to “share” data with third party developers TURNED OFF but it doesn’t seem to help anymore. So many times unfair things happen in the game - like they can disconnect me at will during a winning battleground, or during a LFR, if they JUST DON’T LIKE ME, as well as “insta” silence me on logging back in after a DC. They can also control what kind of groups you are randomly put into. My game has very very clearly felt MANIPULATED since Battlenet became a requirement. Obviously Blizzard does not monitor the corruption of their own employees very well.

Frankly, I no longer have interest in installing battle net or any blizzard games due to this requirement.

This makes the app less competitive to other platforms.


You have it reversed… vulnerability vectors being required come from government… they always do… an you already know the purpose. An whats more if they mantain in china the law requires them to have a wing of their ccp oversight… with an enormous market to throw around too. Blizzard is powerless in this regard. Im sure you can figure out how to wall off the secndary login requirement if you wanted to go thru he trouble. Juat place it in a secured vm kinda a pain… an likely want to have your own vpn running at all times. But there is always a solution to a digital problem.