Battlenet Constant Refresh then blank

Hi Everyone,
I have a weird bug with my application on my Windows 10 desktop.
Seems to only be occuring on the Overwatch page. will appear to keep relogging in or refreshing - will just keep going. I can get in game without a problem in between refreshes. But, eventually the whole application will go blank in the grey colours.

I’ve tried a complete uninstall and reinstall of, complete graphics driver uninstall and reinstall.
GPU: 2080 Super


Im getting the exact same issue.

My husband and I are both having the same issue.

Same issue here. Tried deleting and -re-installing and also even tried moving to Beta. Can’t get it to stop refreshing.

Not sure what’s causing it - to get around it once I open Overwatch I swap the tab to World Of Warcraft and its fine if I never close OW and want to reopen again.