connection problem while using hotspot (cellular)

Hi there!
I am experiencing some connection problem while PC connected to hotspot (internet being shared by iphone). Some tabs like individual game’s page being loaded instantly while home page, games update/download just won’t load.
Receiving an error:

Whoops! Looks like something broke. We’ll try to fix it, so please try again later.

Error Code : BLZBNTAGT000008FC

Hey there,

None of our PC clients would be supported using a cellular connection. PC clients are not optimized for those types of connections which have a ton of variability in quality and consistency. In theory they should work but there is no promise that they will consistently. The best recommendations we could make beyond switched to a land based broadband connection, would be to do what you can to improve the signal on the device you are using as the hotspot. I can say from personal experience that the hotspots provided by cellphones are not usually as robust as those provided by a dedicated hotspot device. If mobile hotspot is your only way to connect, it may be worth looking into a dedicated hotspot device.

The problem is not only desktop app but a blizzard servers at all.
The same problem I’m experiencing with Warcraft Rumble. It instantly displays a connection error on app run. Blizzard’s products work just partly. There is a problem not with hotspot only but with the most content accessing through cellular network. (desktop): working just friend list and news feed. None of the install/update are working.

Warcraft Rumble (supposed to be run on mobile devices?) : permanent connection error on startup.

Seems the problem not in PC games running through cellular network but with connection to blizzard servers at all.

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