Client won't allow me to play games while VPN is on

Title says it all. While my SurfShark VPN is on, even with client whitelisted, I’m not able to play any games. I’m able to view the shop, news and social tabs but not the games tab. If I try and launch a game through the shortcut or application, it will just start a infinite loop where the game tries to launch, doesn’t, gives me an error, I close said error, a couple seconds later the game tries again and it starts over. I don’t need my VPN for but I don’t see why it doesn’t work.

Hey there Ozone123,

If the problem only happens when the VPN is turned on, it might be something to discuss with the VPN provider. They may need to update their routing tables or change their security protocols.

Routing tables are like GPS for the internet so to speak. When your data leaves your home network and goes to the VPN provider’s network, their routing tables tell it how to travel through the various highways of the internet in order to get to the destination. If they have old information for our servers they’ll end up some place the game isn’t!! Resulting in an error connecting.

Can always try different VPN providers to see if one works better than another as well. That way you have extra leverage to use when speaking with the VPN provider that’s having the problem.

Hope the info helps!

I have a similar issue since the last update. When VPN is turned on, I am not getting a window, only a tray icon of Games do not launch (I am not getting that loop). I tried several VPN servers (using CyberGhost 7), always resulting in the same problem. That’s not a K.O.-problem but it is annoying.

I’m not sure if there are rules against posting on somewhat old posts here, but I have a similar issue. I cannot launch the launcher if the Proton VPN client is running, even when it is disconnected. This is especially odd since I have the VPN set to only run for specific programs, none of which are related to

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