Authenticator Problem

I got new phone and downloaded new app and it gets stuck at setting up and Get an answer that it because its a prepaid phone. My old phone was on same plan and worked as prepaid phone so that excuse doesn’t hold water they could fix if they wanted to. If new one needs a contract phone say so in description of app, and state exactly which carries do work. It does not make sense for me, I am a disabled army veteran fought and sacrificed my health, and me and others that cant afford phone plans in my area " for me is $90.00 a month" is cheapest and “I don’t know if that one will work” for a $15.00 a month game sounds crazy to me . I don’t understand who thought this was a good way to go, and discriminate against customers because of our phone plan? Does blizzard really want us to run around changing phone carriers spending hard earned money that’s not going to them instead of fixing or changing app, if you made app you can go in and fix it and not release till it is usable by all, if they farmed it out to 3rd party make it a part of it that it has to work with all phones, and 3rd if you have us running around and have to get expensive phone plans you just lost customer because I can no longer afford both. great job you made money for phone company, cost a disabled veteran money that is in short supply, and lost customer.