App Update Download Progress

Now that we have the download manager portion in the Battle.Net App post 3-06-20, it would be huge benefit to those of us on low-bandwidth connections to list in the download manager when an update to the actual Battle.Net App is being downloaded. The old Battle.Net App had this functionality, but the there’s never any indication within the Beta App when the App is downloading an update for itself; the only notification is when an App update has been completely downloaded, and you need to restart the App.


Oh it gets worse than that. The BNet app update itself won’t download until you initiate a game update download, and then forces a restart of the app during a game update, potentially corrupting the update.

And the cherry on top? They broke the code that they fixed in previous BNet app versions for downloading from their CDN. Now we’re back to having to click pause and then click resume to get the updates to actually download again.

This is not what I call progress. :frowning:

Hellow , what hapen ? with that 14 gb update? for cod… now i download with 100 kbsps what is this ? solve the problem or you will lose so mutch peoples thx .

The new warzone patch downloads very very slow. Btw,in average the client download speed is very poor, but now its critical. 300-400 kb/s. In steam my average download speed is 6-10 Mb/s. Whats happening right now? Is there any maintenence? Are you currently working on something or just servers cant keep up?

If I restart my puter during a game download will I lose the progress? Halfway through 170GB DL at 1.5 Mb/s wont be fun to have to start again!!!

i have now spent a lot of money on battle net… and i hate it , it just does’nt work. im getting super tired of all this uninstall “RelevantKnowlade” im getting super frustrated because im apparently not the onlyone with these problems were i cant download my games. im sitting here at my desk with 0 B/s and i cant do anything about it. i have a 500mbps ethernet connnection. and i have been trying to fix it for 3 hours now… steam works just fine i downloaded csgo and rust within an hour…


It’s 2023 now and we still have to do that pause unpause trick :upside_down_face: